Sexual and Workplace Harassment Prevention Training to Comply with State & Federal Laws

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Georgeann Nicol is a practicing attorney in Beverly Hills, California, who specializes in sexual and workplace harassment litigation. She is considered a national expert on the subject matter and volunteered, without pay, to share her legal opinions on the program.

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The legal position of the employer is definitive. By providing state-of-the-art training and reinforcing policies, the employer has taken responsible actions to prevent problems before they arise.

This conduct bodes well within the legal system and the United States Supreme Court decision that requires proactive training and a concerted effort by the employer to protect all parties.

In the event of a conflict or litigation, the employer is in a position to take an offensive stance, isolating the alleged harasser from the posture and spirit of the workplace, thereby protecting its reputation and ensuring against frivolous claims and deep pockets litigation.

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